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Replica Furniture

Replica Furniture


Replica Furniture

Do you envisage filling your home with furniture from iconic designers? At CHICiCAT, we take masterpieces from designers such as Arne Jacobson and recreate them with the aim of helping you embellish your home with innovative pieces. While each one serves a practical purpose, our replica chairs and tables have the potential to complement your quirky flair for interior design. As a major supplier of replica lighting in Sydney, we’ll also help you set the right type of ambiance throughout your property.

Redecorating and adding new furniture to your home is an exciting experience that should produce results you’ll love for years to come. Using the collection at CHICiCAT, you can create the temporary look you’ve always dreamed of. By learning more about our range and what’s available, you’ll have a better idea of which items will meet your expectations.

How to Choose the Best Replica Furniture for Your Property

Overall, finding the best replica furniture for your property should involve staying true to your love for inspiring décor. Before you browse through our range, consider the colour schemes, contours, and finishes you prefer. From there, you can look at the replica furniture we sell and find the perfect piece quickly.

Another way to find the best piece for your home is to consider items you’ve always craved, but you were unable to find in the best. For example, one of the most popular replica tables amongst those who love contemporary styles is Eero Saarinen’s Tulip side table. Its use of aluminium is subtle, yet the colours that are injected into it make it a stunning statement piece. Whether you’re seeking replica tables from Saarinen’s designs or you have someone else in mind, you can use our search function to find an item that makes your heart leap with glee.

Replica Chairs for Every Room in Your Home

To many, a chair is simply an object you sit on. At CHICiCAT, we recognise that it is so much more. Our replica chairs draw on the styles of eminent furniture designers, including Wegner and Cherner. To ensure our customers benefit from a diverse collection, we include the following amongst our range:

  • Dining chairs
  • Bar stools
  • Office chairs
  • Low stools

Amongst our Platinum Collection, you’ll find replica chairs that act as perfect accent pieces. Featuring materials such as fibreglass and wood that have been remodelled to sheer perfection, they’re ideal for placing in the corner of your living room to bring a theme to life. While many of the styles have contemporary edges, you’ll also find a few that allow you to generate a vintage feel throughout your house. Of course, the best benefit of all is that you’re grabbing a designer piece, without feeling the impact of a designer price tag.

Replica Tables That Go Beyond Being Normal

Although the replica tables we sell at CHICiCAT serve everyday purposes, they do so without resorting to being bland. If you’ve always wanted a side table that’ll act as the perfect setting for your favourite novel, a vase of intriguing flowers, or an ornament that you cherish, chances are we have something for you.

Our selection of replica tables also goes above and beyond when it comes to functionality. With coffee tables that incorporate magazine storage featuring feminine curves, aluminium tables that can resist scratches, and more, each item meets the needs of busy households without looking too regimented. When you buy replica furniture from our collection, you’re choosing designs that’ll impress any guest who walks into your home.

Creating the Right Mood with Our Selection of Replica Lighting in Sydney

Here at CHICiCAT, we sell replica lighting Online with a lot of options to choose. When you put enough thought into the selection process, you can generate a mood in your home that’s relaxing, invigorating, or however you want to feel.

Our floor lamps, which are based on the designs of geniuses such as Arne Jacobson, allow you to shine a light on focal areas of your property. Whether you want to use yours to bathe a masterpiece in its own personal spotlight or you’re trying to produce enough lighting for your dream reading nook, you’ll find a floor lamp that matches your tastes in our range. Like all excellent replica furniture stores, we never underestimate the power of table lamps. By selling those that move into different angles, we make your home office a joy to work in. Long gone are the days when working long hours meant bathing yourself in drab lighting. With our products, you can make your workspace glisten and inspire a fresh sense of productivity in the process.

Finally, if you’re looking for replica lighting in Sydney that’ll bring an entire room to life, why not consider one of our pendant lamps? Available in a broad selection of colours, you can add one to every room in your property to earmark what your overall décor goals are.

Why Buy Your Replica Furniture from CHICiCAT?

At CHICiCAT, we draw on our years of experience and meticulous research to sell replica furniture that resonates with our customers. Most of the artists we emulate are Scandinavian and have a spectacular knack for producing furniture that’s soothing, stylish, and sophisticated. From recreating the smallest details to delivering fine finishes, every item we reproduce benefits from lots of love and care. As a result, when it arrives at your home it becomes an item that you’ll cherish forever.

During the manufacturing process, we make savings without compromising quality. Our aim is to pass the cost benefits onto you so that you can buy more replica furniture within your budget. When you buy replica chairs and tables from CHICiCAT, you won’t be left feeling as though you’ve received a cheaper version of the real thing. Instead, you’ll absorb the sense of authenticity we strive to achieve.

To learn more about our replica furniture or to ask about an item that you find intriguing, contact us by calling 1300 797 277.

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