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Replica Eames Lounge Chairs are produced by literally hundreds of factories in Vietnam, Malaysia, India and China and these range in quality from truly awful to poor to fair to reasonable and to excellent. As a rule, though there is substantial variance, the Chinese producers employ the most sophisticated production techniques and use the best materials. The high-end factories (the ones we deal with) also employ skilled craftspeople who meticulously produce high quality, handmade reproductions.

The Chicicat.com.au Replica Eames Lounge Chairs come from China's foremost replica furniture producer and is an almost perfect reproduction of the original Herman Miller® Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman (#670 and #671), constructed from the finest materials used in any replica furniture production.

To the untrained eye, one replica Eames Lounge Chair may look no different to any other replica Eames Lounge Chair, though there are substantial differences with regard to the authentic look, comfort and overall quality & durability and this post will hopefully help you discern the cheap from the very good.

There is nothing worse than cheap replica furniture and, as even the replica sellers offering trashy versions of this iconic chair + ottoman always claim to offer a ‘high quality replica!”, let us say quite categorically that the Replica Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman (Collector Replica) offered by chicicat.com.au is the finest reproduction of this iconic chair made anywhere in the world and we are the only Australian stockist offering this particular version.

Please read on and see for yourself why customers think our Replica Eames Lounge Chair is just like the original:

• 100% LEATHER: Our Replica Eames Lounge Chair is made from 100% organic leather on all surfaces. Not only is this 100% leather, it is the same leather used on cushions, piping and buttons. Numerous inferior versions use either Faux Leather, Leather Match (ie: vinyl) or Bonded Leather (which is to leather what hot dogs are to scotch fillet). Some of these versions even use PVC piping & buttons!

• LEATHER TYPE: Bear in mind that there are differences in leather quality. Indeed, even good Eames Lounge Chair replicas can be made with mediocre leather, such as 'Italian Leather'. The chicicat.com.au replica Eames Lounge Chair is offered in luxurious imported Italian Aniline and Waxed Anilines which are comparable (and in some cases superior) to those offered on the original. Importantly, be aware that ‘Italian Leather' is not ‘Italian Aniline Leather'. Rather, ‘Italian Leather' is actually ‘corrected' leather. For more information on leather types, please see our Material Explained page.

Our Aniline leathers come from big European hides which have been Aniline dyed, then vacuum dried to achieve a smooth supple feel. Aniline is the highest quality leather option (representing the top 5% of all commercially produced leather) and will age beautifully, developing its own unique personality with use. It is super soft and supple, and will give a beautiful leather smell. Aniline leather gets better with age, ‘Italian Leather' does not.

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - 100% Aniline Leather

• PLYWOOD VENEERS: The chicicat.com.au replica Eames Lounge Chair is made with imported 7 layer plywoods, produced using the most sophisticated machinery & techniques. Constructed from FAS (First and Second) Grade American hardwoods sourced from the USA and Canada, they are kiln dried to ensure against warping or cracking, and finished in the highest quality Italian imported lacquer to ensure a natural lustre to the grain and to prevent fading.

By comparison, inferior Eames Lounge Chair replicas use anything from cheap plywoods that are brittle (with insufficient strength to provide the required flex) to MDF board with a painted ‘wood grain'. Moreover, they are cut to shapes that only approximate the original Eames Lounge Chair. This is particularly noticeable in the ottoman, which is cut too shallow (to save on raw materials) and results in corners that are aggressively curved, spoiling the generous aesthetic of the original design.

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - Cushions

• CUSHION UPHOLSTERY + DEEP SET BUTTONS: The chicicat.com.au replica Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman achieves a highly authentic look by ensuring that the leather upholstery on the cushions is not tightly stretched. Rather, it is sufficiently relaxed to allow both the attractive leather grain to be visible and, in conjunction with deep set buttoning, allows for the appealing wrinkled look of the original. This effect will improve with age.

Too many Eames Chair reproductions have the leather pulled taut. Though saving on raw materials, this compromises the generous, welcoming ‘old baseball glove' look of the original, inhibits comfort and puts undue stress on the leather and stitching.

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - 100% Aniline Leather

• DOLL COTTON + HD FOAM: The chicicat.com.au replica Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman's cushions are a mix of polyurethane injected (‘High Density') Foam with generous layers of the synthetic silk, Dacron (or 'Doll Cotton'). Not only does this lend an authentic aesthetic to the chair, mimicking the feather down cushioning of the original and allowing the cushions to develop an individual character with use, it is also noticeably more comfortable than replicas which use foam only.

Even good Eames Lounge Chair reproductions offered by other sellers fail in this regard. Apart from a limited comfortability, they develop no personality with wear and after a while will simply look like replicas that have seen better days.

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - 100% Aniline Leather

• PERFORATED CUSHION BACKS: Whoosh… That's what you'll hear (and feel) when you sit down. This comes from both the generous Doll Cotton layering and also from the perforations on the back of each cushion in our replica Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman which noticeably enhances the chair's comfort. It moves with you, like an old baseball glove.

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - 100% Aniline Leather

• REMOVABLE CUSHIONS: The chicicat.com.au replica Eames Lounge Chair + Ottoman has removable cushions that snap into place via locking mechanisms on the inside of the veneer shells, as per the original. The cushion covers are also removable, with the same zip feature as the Herman Miller® original on all cushions. Unlike some almost reasonable reproductions of the Eames Lounge Chair, velcro or similar is not used!

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - 100% Aniline Leather

• SHOCK MOUNTS + STEEL PLATES: In contrast to lesser replicas, the chicicat.com.au replica Eames Lounge Chair is made to the same standards as the original, using steel armrest plates and uniquely developed neoprene rubber shock mounts to connect the seat and back components. Though hidden from view, these are vital elements of the chair and are, literally, what holds it together. Not only do the decide the chair's integrity and longevity however; the shock mounts (in particular) afford the chair its level of flex which, like the original, enhances overall comfort and provides a chair that can be easily sat in for hours at a time.

Replica Eames Lounge Chair - 100% Aniline Leather