2014-07-26 00:56:43

I love looking at other people’s homes and décors. I don’t think it’s the expression of a voyeuristic foible (maybe..?), nor do I necessarily seek or need inspiration (maybe, maybe not) - much like you I have a good idea of what I like and enjoy my own taste which, thankfully, is impeccable; rather, I find it instantly uplifting. A sanguine hit of comfort and energy. A bit like nicotine - my ex-drug of choice - musing on others’ interior choices both settles the nerves and focuses the senses.

And so, here are some other people’s choices for their apartment living areas, edited here for your interest, inspiration and discerning eye to judge. We have included similar, identical and alternative offerings from the CHICiCAT.COM product range - enjoy!

Ottawa Apartment by Leclair Decor


Chesterton Lounger Chair

starting at $299.06 AUD
$695.00 RRP

Hetty Round Side Table (45 cm)

$99.97 AUD
$215.00 RRP

Avalon Sofa Series

starting at $1,901.00 AUD
$5,495.00 RRP


Uncredited Apartment by Lukas Machnik


Antonio Citterio Charles Modular Sofa (Replica)

starting at $1,383.09 AUD
$3,495.00 RRP

Antonio Citterio Charles Chaise Longue (Replica)

starting at $612.78 AUD
$1,545.00 RRP

Wegner Ox Horn Chair + Ottoman (Replica)

starting at $913.98 AUD
$1,425.00 RRP

Wegner CH07 Shell Chair in Leather (Collector Replica)

starting at $419.98 AUD
$915.00 RRP

Invicta Cube Side Table

$289.69 AUD
$545.00 RRP