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Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather
Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather Sand Pure Italian Aniline Leather Solid carbon steel base

Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue | Platinum Replica




$1,595.00 rrp

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  • Black (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Ivory (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Sand (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Camel (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Mocha (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Brown (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Red (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Vintage Caramel (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Vintage Tan (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Vintage Brown (Full-Grain Italian Leather)
  • Vintage Olive (Full-Grain Italian Leather)

This product comes with a
Warranty two (2) times longer
than other sellers
This is a platinum quality reproduction of the Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue ('long chair'), designed in 1928, in collaboration with Le Corbusier's cousins Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic designs of the twentieth century, this Bauhaus classic is known as the 'relaxing machine' on account of its supremely comfortable 'S' shape chaise which mirrors the body's natural curves. The underside of the chair's frame is arc shaped, allowing for a range of seating angles from semi-upright to horizontal - simply adjust the angle of the chair upon its solid steel base.

Handmade from the finest materials available including tubular Stainless Steel and polyurethane injected 'Memory Foam', it is upholstered in a choice of 100% full-grain Italian Aniline Leathers.

The Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue (Platinum Replica) comes with a Twenty-Four (24) Month Warranty free of additional charge.

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Specifications and Dimensions

Main Materials

Pure Full-Grain Italian Leather
Waxed Full-Grain Italian Leather
Stainless Steel

Other Materials

Sturdy Steel frame
PU injected 'Memory Foam'
Heavy duty strapping

Key points

  • Italian Full-Grain Aniline Leather
  • Striking centrepiece
  • Adjustable reclining position
  • Complements a variety of décor styles

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Bauhaus (20th C. Avant Garde)

Highest quality replica furniture

This product has been handmade or crafted by skilled craftspeople using the finest materials. We are confident we offer Australia's highest quality replicas. Read more >


  • (W) 61 x (D) 152 x (H) 81 cm
  • (adjustable reclining position / height)
  • Seat Height: 39 cm

All dimensions are approximate


Simple assembly required

Lead Time

Made to order (14 - 18 Weeks) You will be updated & contacted prior to delivery.


This product comes with a 2 Year Warranty *


14 Days Returns


Our items are priced at a wholesale level (or better) and may vary without notice. The percentage saving is calculated against the RRP, based on industry margins, prices of items of a comparable quality or a combination of these and/or other factors. Beyond any specific promotions, we do not offer further discounts.

Care Instructions

Our Materials

Our materials maintain the integrity of the original designs, lending authenticity to look and feel.

From thick European hides and luxurious pure wools to premium American hardwood timbers, British Stainless Steels and superior marbles.

We offer a full material range, so you can choose from a rich spectrum of fabric, leather and timber options. No other Australian replica seller offers a wider range of colours or materials.

This product is offered in the materials listed below.

100% Full-Grain Italian Leather

100% Full-Grain Italian Leather

Luxurious full-grain European hides that have been vacuum dried and treated in oils to achieve a smooth supple feel and rich natural sheen. Full-grain Italian Leathers are superior quality leathers and ideal for premium furnishings.

Super soft and supple, full-grain Italian Leather is also durable and will age beautifully, developing its own unique personality with use.

Full-grain Italian Leather is vastly superior to 'Top-grain' leathers, which are corrected leathers with artificially embossed grains and synthetic coating. Italian Full-grain Leather is warmer to the touch and will give a beautiful leather smell.
Waxed Full-Grain Italian Leather

Waxed Full-Grain Italian Leather

Luxurious full-grain European hides that have been given additional treatments in a blend of waxes & oils to achieve a vintaged ‘pull-up’ effect with a soft sheen finish. Waxed or unwaxed, Full-grain Italian Leathers are superior quality leathers and ideal for premium furnishings.

Soft yet hardy, Waxed Full-Grain Leather is very durable and will age beautifully, developing its own unique personality with use.

Our Waxed Leathers are available in a range of earthy Tans, Brown and Olive.
Premium Stainless Steel

Premium Stainless Steel

Many of our products are offered with premium grade Stainless Steel. This grade has steel a high nickel content which gives a superior lustre and finish. It is more chip resistant than lesser grades and less likely to rust.
Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Polyurethane injected 'Memory Foam' is designed to give superior support, durability and cushion shape. It is a superior and engineered foam with a longer life span than lesser grades.

Reviews (9)

  • Absolutely beautifully made replica of the Le
    Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue... The leather is just perfect. The chair-frame is made from the highest quality stainless steel. The base frame is very sturdy. The chaise longue is most comfortable, as
    well as being aesthetically pleasing in every dimension.
    Helen (Sunshine Coast)
  • Warning read carefully and dont be deceived, returns will cost you hundreds of dollars for the privilege of seeing the furniture. They have no showroom so all risk is on you. Do you really know how comfortable that chair is that you want to relax in ? Finding out could cost you heaps. Go shopping in proper stores where you can try them out for free . I purchased two chaise lounges off Chicicat getting sucked into the emotional pictures, emotional descriptions and gleaming reviews. All I can say is be very careful and ordering online by descriptions as you really don't know how comfortable and probably not even the size since they are online. Watch out because Chicicat will charge you through the nose if you want to return despite their nice sounding return policy. I had ordered furniture a few times online before one time returning the items with absolutely ease as the company recognised the leap of faith that customers are taking by them saving money not having a showroom so that you can check it out properly. I felt safe due to this and Chiticats online stated policy of REFUND in 14 days.
    The chaises I got seemed strangely packed in the box, with bits of wood on top inside. The feet were scratched and chipped paint. It took a lot of effort for unwrapping an assembly. After sitting in the chairs with a blanket on them for 10 minutes I found them incredibly uncomofrtable as they gave no arm or shoulder support despite being called “relaxing machines”. Im tall but slender athletic build, I’m not broad or huge.
    I advised I wished to return them. I spoke to Tom. He emailed me back saying they would honour return as a good will gesture but not refund the delivery. ( he mentioned nothing about restocking fee or partial refund only.
    I then had spend a day to totally wrap the chairs and return them out to a container yard. Fortunately I have a huge car the size of a Land Cruiser and they fit inside.
    I then got an email saying that they considered them second hand because I had said to Tom originally that I sat in them for 10 minutes) and they were going to charge me 20% (i.e. not full refund as he said in the email) and sell them to someone else as a discount.
    They then emailed me their refund policy , which was apparently hidden somewhere , because it wasn’t clearly visible on the website or advisement of any conditions. The 20% amounted to $400 loss for returning the chairs plus $80 delivery , plus the day I spent returning them because THEY have no showroom and only glossy descriptions. I said to them previously when they were uncomfortable that they only choose the good descriptions to which they replied “we take it as a grave accusation “ that you say we only put the good reviews on.”
    I was also going to order another chair. I asked some questions about measurements , to which they had no answers. I suggested being they are asking the customer to make the leap of faith they should provide lots of photos with people in the chairs and lots of measurements. Especially now that I know that you get slugged hundreds to return, and thats not including delivery. They took over tow months before they even got back tome. I recontacted them numerous times with no reply, Then eventually they got back staying Chinese new year and blamed their suppliers. It was fortunate I didn't order them too.
    The delivery of the times was a bit of a nightmare. I actually ordered one item for work and two for home. The Delivery at work turned up and had two delivery men. The lift had stopped and they didnt want to carry the furniture up a flight of stairs.
    They delivery guys said they would unwrap the excessive wooden crate and bring it back another day no problem, next Wednesday was fine
    Last minute on a Sunday I got a call from Chiciat telling me I would be charged for the extra delivery. This was never mentioned. The item could have easily been left in our enclosed foyer. They then said they would have it delivered same time and day as my next day 8am delivery to home.
    I took the day off work and waited all day. At lunch I finally got hold of delivery. He said he was given the order late. He was going to deliver my furniture first thing but had already packed the truck early and hadnt been told , so would have to drive all the way back to the depot to get the other furniture.
    He ended up delivering my furniture in the afternoon and then said it was no problem he would deliver it Wednesday as we previously agreed no charge. He said it was Chicticat mucking it up.
    Justin (Sydney)
  • Beautiful comfortable chaise. We are delighted with our chaise long Which arrived much earlier than expected and is excellent quality
    Rhian (Melbourne)
  • Love it! Received good customer service , regular updates…item is good quality . Would recommend
    Kris (QLD)
  • Quality Replica. It took a while but I am very satisfied with the LC4 we ordered.
  • I successfully picked up my order this morning - the warehouse attendant was very nice / very helpful in loading it into my car ... And I LOVE the chaise!!!! Thank you so very much.
    Chris T
  • This is a beautiful product. Classic, beautiful lines with lavish finishing. Your customer service was very good (I didn’t feel like just one of many) and the Saturday delivery option was very much appreciated. I look at my chaise almost as much as I sit in it ;-)
    Matthew (St Kilda)
  • We researched this product extensively both online & offline before ordering 2 from Though delivery time was longer than hoped, when the loungers arrived we knew we’d made the right choice. The high quality is immediately visible and my wife and I get much enjoyment from them.
    Philip A (Perth)
  • Thank you for the customised LC4, it’s exactly what I wanted and you were very patient with our requests. Everyone remarks how lovely it is xx
    Vanessa C

Timeless Le Corbusier LC4 Style

The Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue is often described simply as 'The Resting Machine' and when you experience it,
you will know why. An iconic piece of 20th Century Avant-Garde design, it is beautiful both to sit in and to look at.

Our Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise reproductions are individually crafted to an excellent standard and are fully customisable in
a range of Pure and Waxed Italian Aniline Leathers or Cowhides.

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