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Replica Furniture

The Highest Quality Replica Furniture since 2014

Since 2014, CHICiCAT ("Sheek-e-cat") has been offering the highest quality replica furniture with superior reproductions of iconic Mid-Century, Scandinavian and 20th Century Bauhaus furniture designs.

Our pricing is set at a 'wholesale' level and our products highly customisable. Items are made to your personal selections and are handmade by skilled craftspeople to specifications as close as possible to the original designs.

Our reproductions utilise sophisticated production techniques which, combined with premium materials and detailed finishing, maintain the integrity of the original designs and lend authenticity to look and feel.

Attention to detail is central to our offering and we are confident that we offer the most faithful reproductions of these celebrated designs available anywhere in the world. Our reproductions are exclusive in Australia to CHICiCAT.COM.

Most of our products come with Warranties that are up to five (5) times longer than those offered by many furniture sellers. This is free of additional charge.

Quality furniture comes from quality materials and, in our opinion, the only thing worse than cheap furniture is cheap replica furniture. If you are looking for 'cheap & cheerful knock-offs', you won't find them here.