Eames DSW Chair Fiberglass (Platinum Replica)
Eames DSW Chair Fiberglass (Platinum Replica) White and Off White White and Off White White / Gloss / Oak Eames DSW Chair Fibreglass (Platinum Replica) Eames DSW Chair Fibreglass (Platinum Replica) Get Inspired Get Inspired

Eames DSW Chair Fibreglass (Platinum Replica)




$375.00 rrp

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  • Black (Fibreglass)
  • White (Fibreglass)
  • Off White (Fibreglass)
  • Grey (Fibreglass)
  • Pink (Fibreglass)
  • Red (Fibreglass)
  • Blue (Fibreglass)
  • Yellow (Fibreglass)
  • Orange (Fibreglass)
  • Lime (Fibreglass)
  • Green (Fibreglass)
  • Purpleyish (Fibreglass)
  • Brown (Fibreglass)


  • High Gloss FInish
  • Dulled Matte Finish


  • Maple
  • Natural Oak
  • American Walnut
  • Black Finish

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This is a platinum quality replica of the Eames DSW Chair (Dining-Side-Wood) constructed from premium grade multi-coated Fibreglass and customisable in over a dozen colour options in Matte or Gloss finishes, with genuine FSC® Certified Oak or American Walnut hardwood legs.

Eames DSW Chair Fibreglass (Platinum Replica) comes with a Three (3) Year Warranty free of additional charge.

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Key points

  • Multi-coated Fibreglass
  • Fully assembled
  • 3 Year Warranty

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Main Materials

Multi-coated Fibreglass

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Other Materials

Solid Hardwood Legs
Premium Stainless Steel


Fully assembled


Mid-Century (American)


This product comes with a 3 Year Warranty *


Handmade by skilled craftspeople

Lead Time

Made to order (12 - 16 Weeks) You will be updated & contacted prior to delivery.


14 Days Returns


  • (W) 46 x (D) 51.5 x (H) 80.5 cm
  • Seat Height: 43.5 cm

All dimensions are approximate

Care Instructions

Can be cleaned with a mild cleaning agent, such as specialty glass cleaner. Wipe dry with a super soft, scratch-free cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or hard-woven cloths.

Keep hardwoods out of direct sunlight. Avoid intense heat sources and spillages. Wipe clean with a super soft, scratch-free cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or hard-woven cloths. Can be polished with appropriate specialty product. Test first on a small, obscure area.

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Reviews (2)

  • Very good reproductions and nice to sit in. I bought 6 to go with our kitchen table and they’re perfect. Sturdy packaging too.
  • Great chairs at a great price!

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Our materials are second to none. From thick European hides and luxurious pure wools to premium American hardwood timbers, British Stainless Steels and superior marbles. We offer the producers' full material range, so you can choose from a rich spectrum of fabric, leather and timber options. No other Australian replica seller offers a wider range of colours or materials.

This product is offered in the materials listed below.

Our materials maintain the integrity of the original designs, lending authenticity to look and feel.



Fibreglass (or Glass-Reinforced Plastic) is a sturdy plastic matrix, reinforced with extremely fine glass fibres.

Multi-coated for a beautiful, rich finish, our specialist fibreglass producer includes an additional production procedure which gives the finished product an enhanced finish and robust strength.

Fibreglass furniture is superior to ABS plastic versions in every way: It is stronger, sturdier and far more attractive. It is a premium material.


Our hardwoods are FSC® Certified FAS ('First and Second') Grade hardwoods, typically sourced from the USA and Canada. They are kiln dried to ensure against warping or cracking, and finished in the highest quality Italian imported lacquer or wood wax to ensure a natural lustre to the grain and to protect against fading.

Individual product pages will specify which hardwoods and finishes are available. As a broad guide, American Ash, Oak and American Walnut hardwood timbers are offered, with Ash being available in Natural, Walnut or Black finishes.
Premium Stainless Steel

Premium Stainless Steel

Many of our products are offered with premium grade Stainless Steel. This grade has steel a high nickel content which gives a superior lustre and finish. It is more chip resistant than lesser grades and less likely to rust.

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