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Womb Chair

Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen (1948)

The Knoll® Model 70 chair, better known as the Womb Chair, is an extension of Eero Saarinen's 1940 collaborative work with Charles Eames and has been in continuous production by Knoll® since its release in 1948.

Saarinen remarked that the Womb Chair is shaped to allow varying seating positions, as most people will not sit in the same position, comfortably, for an extended period.

Challenged by Florence Knoll to create “a chair that is like a basket full of pillows… something I can really curl up in”, the unconventional brief inspired one of the most iconic, and comfortable, chairs of the Mid Century era.

Saarinen’s futuristic, yet organic, design focused on achieving the desired comfort level through the shape of its shell, rather than ‘a basket of pillows’. Indeed, one of the first decisions made for the chair was that it shouldn’t rely on excessive padding, like most chairs of the time. Rather, he devised a curved inner frame that would mould to the contours of the human body and provide comfort naturally.

Like many of Saarinen’s designs, the Womb Chair required production techniques and materials still in their infancy. Saarinen and Florence Knoll found a boat builder in New Jersey who was experimenting with fibreglass to help develop the chair’s unique shell. Florence Knoll remarked “He was very skeptical. We just begged him. I guess we were so young and so enthusiastic he finally gave in and worked with us. We had lots of problems and failures until they finally got a chair that would work.”

The Womb Chair commenced production in 1948 and was the first fibreglass chair to be mass-produced in America. It was truly ground-breaking at the time and became an instant success and an icon of the times.

An accomplished architect responsible for the TWA Passenger Terminal at JFK Airport among other accomplishments, Saarinen was the most prominent judge on the Sydney Opera House competition panel. It is widely told that he pulled Jørn Utzon’s winning design from a pile of rejected schemes, declaring it was easily the best design.

Womb Chair Prototype Womb Chair original prototype
An early prototype. Note the original hairpin legs.
Eero Saarinen Womb Chair Eero Saarinen in an early promotional image for KNOLL®
A pioneer of Mid Century architecture and design.

How much is the Original?

The 'original' (licensed) Womb Chair is made by Knoll Studio® and retails in Australia for $5,500 (entry-level fabrics) - $10,500* (premium fabrics). The matching foot stool ranges in price from $3,500 - $5,500.

Is our version identical to the original? No. However we are confident it is the most accurate reproduction available, both in terms of fidelity of design, quality of manufacture and materials used.

As our pricing is based on a wholesale model, our version is 80+% less than the original.

Not all reproduction furniture is the same quality and our products are specifically made to maintain the integrity of the original designs and lend authenticity to look and feel.

Indeed, we are delighted that many of our customers, both retail and commercial, remark that either they were planning to buy the original before they found us; or that they own the original at home, though want something as close as possible for their beach house, farm, apartment or office.

* August 2018

The CHICiCAT Womb Chair Replica (Collector's Edition)

Our Saarinen Womb Chair reproductions are individually crafted to an excellent standard and are fully customisable in a range of Danish Wools, Pure and Waxed Italian Aniline Leathers and are as beautiful to sit in as they are to look.

To our knowledge this is the finest reproduction of the Womb Chair + (optional) Ottoman, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948, made anywhere in the world.

Handmade from the finest materials including polyurethane injected foam and premium Stainless Steel, it is upholstered in a choice of Classic or Danish Wools and Camira UK fabrics.

The Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen (Collector Replica) comes with a Three (3) Year Warranty free of additional charge.

Fully assembled
Attention to detail is central to our offering. Buttons are deep set, as per the original designs, to achieve authentically styled - and comfortable - products.
Handmade by skilled craftspeople
Upholstered items are hand-stitched by skilled craftspeople, not machined like lesser products. Original stitch styles are used to create products that look just like the originals.
Authentically styles
Our reproductions are made to specifications as close as possible to the originals and utilize sophisticated production techniques & detailed finishing to maintain the integrity of these iconic designs.
Adjustable feet
Most of our products come with Warranties that are up to five (5) times longer than those offered by many furniture sellers.

Classic American Style

The Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen is classic American Mid Century. Organic in origin and concept it was realised by innovative thinking and unwavering persistence. Challenged by Florence Knoll to design a chair she could 'curl up in', the Womb Chair was only achieved after Eero Saarinen & Knoll managed, after many attempts, to convince a local boat builder to cast a fibreglass shell in the required shape.


Womb Chair (Eero Saarinen) by Knoll® - Photo Essay

Womb Chair (Eero Saarinen) by Knoll® - Photo Essay

Our Materials

Our materials maintain the integrity of the original designs, lending authenticity to look and feel.

From thick European hides and luxurious pure wools to premium American hardwood timbers, British Stainless Steels and superior marbles.

We offer the producers' full material range, so you can choose from a rich spectrum of fabric, leather and timber options. No other Australian replica seller offers a wider range of colours or materials.

Our Womb Chair (Collector Replica) is offered in the materials listed below.

Classic Wool Blend Classic Wool Blend
Super soft and luxurious, our range of Classic Wool is a blend of Cashmere Wool and Dacron Silk, with a smooth, tight weave. Well-wearing, they are offered in a range of both tonal and vivid hues.

This is a classic grade fabric and a perfect entry price-point.
Danish Wool Danish Wool
Super soft and luxurious, our range of Danish Cashmere Wools have a fine texture and thick, hard-wearing and durable and are offered in a range of both tonal and vivid hues. They are typically 100% Wool.

This is a premium grade fabric and used by furniture producers who compete on quality rather than price alone.
Linen Blend Linen Blend
Thick and weighty with a generous weave which appeals to both touch and aesthetic, our Linen Blend fabrics are perfect all-year round and ideal for both reproduction and contemporary furniture alike. Hard-wearing and very soft on the skin, they are offered in a range of soft neutral and on-trend tonal hues.

Blended from Linen and Cotton with synthetic added for durability and a soft lustre finish, the thick weave lends an appealing depth of detail and dimension.
Camira UK Camira UK Fabrics
Sourced from Camira Fabrics (UK), these fabrics are blended from 60% pure Virgin Wool with 40% natural Hemp fibre, woven into a classic weave with a tactile character. The ingredient fabrics are renewable, biodegradable and sustainable and are developed free of any chemical processing.

The inherent qualities of Wool and Hemp make these tweeds stain-resistant, flame-retardant and moisture absorbent. Rich, sturdy and tactile, these luxurious fabrics have a unique appeal.
Craggan Camira UK Craggan Fabric
Sourced from Camira Fabrics (UK), this opulent 2mm thick fabric of 100% pure Virgin Wool is beautifully woven into a stunning cubed finish. A rich, tonal weave of Charcoal and subtle Greys with an Apricot highlight, it a truly luxurious fabric.

Rich, sturdy and tactile, the Craggan has a unique appeal.
Full-grain Italian Aniline Leather Full Grain Leather (Italian Aniline)
Luxurious full-grain European hides that have been Aniline dyed, vacuum dried and treated in oils to achieve a smooth supple feel and rich natural sheen. Aniline Leather is the highest quality leather option, representing the top 5% of all commercially produced leather.

Soft and supple, Aniline Leather is also durable and will age beautifully, developing its own unique personality with wear.

Flat colours such as Black are ‘pure leather, while ‘vintage’ options have been given additional treatments with a blend of waxes & oils to a achieve a mildly vintaged ‘pull-up’ effect. These waxed leathers are very hardy and available in a range of earthy Tans, Brown and Olive.
Memory Foam + Topper Memory Foam + Topper Layers
Polyurethane injected ‘Memory Foam’ is designed to give superior support, comfort and cushion shape. It is a premium engineered foam with a longer life span than lesser grades.

Topper layers of Dacron Silk (‘Doll Cotton’) and/or multi-density foam are used to provide additional comfort and shape for superior enjoyment, durability and aesthetic.

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